Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Introducing: Tweedle Dee and Tweedle DUMB…

Now I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty sure we can all agree: dressing in matching outfits is a little juvenile. Who does that??? I think twins under the age of 5 look adorable…THATS IT. Unless it is for a runway show finale where all the models look like an army of Fashion Robots wearing the designers “concept look”. HOWEVER, IT DOESNT LOOK CUTE WHEN UR OLD ENOUGH TO BE IN A BAR!!!!

The 2 in the flannel, u guys missed out: there WAS actually a 3rd!!!! So that would actually make them Tweedle Dee, Dumb, and Dumber… Sure: maybe the originall went to a “Cowboy themed flannel party”, but somehow, I HIGHLY DOUBT IT. This is not a cute look, it is not COOL to DRESS THE SAME!!

When I lived with my friend, we always borrowed clothes, mixed and matched his or my pieces to create outfits, but we NEVER WORE THE SAME THING OUT! We were very close, to the fact we even thought alike: we would both go in our rooms, spend what seemed like hours trying on outfits, and come out in the hallway, only to find us BOTH wearing a SAME LOOK! (ie: black t shirt with dark blue jeans, white v neck with black jeans, both deciding to wear a hat…u get the picture). HOWEVER, we would NEVER leave the house KNOWING we looked alike…. ITS TACKY AND STUPID. You’re not getting the individual attention you want… yes people will look at you, but only be thinking, “God, what r they wearing?”

The second picture with the matching shorts… (siiiiigh)…. I actually witnessed coming into a store, looked around for about 20 min, and, when looking at shorts, REALIZED THEY WERE WEARING THE SAME SHORTS….WTF?!??HOW DO YOU JUST REALIZE THIS?? I noticed the moment I saw them!!! One guy said to the other, ” oh look, we’re wearing the same shorts”, and the other replied,” oh no way, I didn’t even notice. That’s funny!”.

IT IS NOT FUNNY. IT IS STUPID. In fact, YOU’RE BOTH STUPID! Sometimes I can’t believe people are so blind… If I went to go shopping with a friend wearing THE SAME thing as me, I would make them change, or I would change.

IS THIS A NEW FAD?? This morning, I saw 2 attractive girls leaving the gym, BOTH wearing Turquoise Nike workout tanks, not identical style, but same color, and both black running shorts… REALLY????!!? they BOTH have such limited workout wear that they ONLY HAD MATCHING OUTFITS TO WEAR…?

SIIIIIIGGGGHHHHHHH….. Thankfully I didn’t have my camera, otherwise me being upset seeing this STUPIDNESS would have probably resulted in me going off on them…

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